Friday, April 24, 2009

My life~

Everybody has their own life now~some of my sec school friend are facing their life in campus le but some haven yet lo...just like me la.but now i am facing life in working la.damn nice and enjoying~working really make me feel happy and make a lot of friends there.this will not longer.after that i will continue my studies le.another life gonna start...when my friend told me he got add math make me wanna do...last time i though that i could continue doing add math in U.but impossible.haiz..!!my sec school held Anugerah Cemerlang last few days ago...last time when i was form 4 time,i think wanna be one of them who are excellent in SPM result and told myself must study hard.that time i really envy they all.but this wish cant fulfil le.i didn done well in SPM.cant be 1 of them.cant proud of it.Arh...why i always like that??i don wanna this...i really regret didnt do well my SPM arh....i think only both of them got which is Tin jia jian and chew woon sin.i also hope want same like proud.....haiz..nvm lo...when step in U i must do well what i study a successful girl....i want fulfil my dream...move toward my dream.....gambateh~


Chareessa said...

you can do it!

Magdeline said...

hmm...ya...i believe myself