Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter..Jesus Christ risen from Death!
this is the first time i not with family and not at JB home during Easter.. a kind of weird feeling and miss my family..
acutally i wanna back JB..
ufortunately monday i have practical class and sunday back to KL again it feel tired...
that why i decide don want go back...
mid term break i just go back JB..
it on May...1 more month to go..
today morning went Church..
so long not go Church when i in KL..
i so enjoyed in the church...
listen and sang song it make me happy and fresh!
i like it...Yeah!!
recently i felt so stress about all upcoming assignment..
especially buffet proposal...
before end of the month suppose to finish our group proposal..
this proposal quite important for us because we need present it and it is our final exam for CKO and F&B...
there also have some upcoming assignment... really quite rush lo..
i don want do "Last Minute" AGAIN...
it will drive me crazy and not enough sleep!!!
feel sleepy...gtg to sleep a while..
Gambateh for my ASSIGNMENT!!!!
May God Bless Me..