Friday, January 16, 2009

CNY coming le...

CNY coming soon...hurray..!i like this year de CNY le...because SPM finally over and i can enjoy this time de CNY le!haha....without you i still can so nice!although still cannot let it away but i will try to overcome from it!well....i will keep evrything about you in my heart and dig in it!sometime i really don know how to decribe my feeling....A new year come, a new life begin, a new environment be around, i will start a new life all over again...i will make my life wondeful!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hmm...i very happy work at Padini lo!maybe learn a lot of things!although quite stress for sometime but everything must learn then only can get it la!haha...i know a lot of friends there!haha..!they all very good le!haha..btw i also think about my studies la!haiz..i am worrying!i ask suggestion from my cousin!she recomment me study A level! good but i still not sure la!i must think properly first!i don want waste my time lo!i want to be success !hmm...haiz...lazy to write some more la!cause work at Padini quite tired la!