Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sem 7, Last Sem...!

WOW......I have been so long, almost 8 months not update my blog..
now my blog seem quiet & post not up to date....
Since the day before started my training I have not update my blog till now.
Really a long period ...actually I thought of sharing my training experience here but I think it will be too long for me to talk about. I think I should summarise my whole experience. I remembered the my first training department is FO where I really suffered at the beginning of first three weeks. For the first three week I really do nothing in the BC. I really felt so bored and lucky there have international News, CNN where I can watch it. Slowly, I started to ask anything that I don understand and after that I started enjoyed. My second department is housekeeping. OMG, at the beginning of first week it not so busy yet and still relax. But, started second week I seriously too busy and everyday when I woke up I don feel like want to work because everyday I repeat the same task which it is clean bathroom. From the day I in housekeeping dept, I realize that housekeeping staff was the most suffer and tough department. Every time peak season it will be a nightmare for the HK staff. I am just the unlucky one who end up alone in that dept since it suppose to be 3 included me and started this dept in peak season. One of my friend because of asthma cant do HK and another staff because of arm hurt half way not do HK and end up left me. That time I really felt bored and alone in the dept and I wish time past fast. Plus, second week started peak season where it really busy till almost every day I not back home on time. That time I really felt I look like a maid. Everyday have more than 18 rooms to clean and it is Arab season. I almost going crazy to clean Arab guest room. It really messy and dirty. Some time I felt happy because the moment with the Kakak laugh and complaint it was fun. My third department is kitchen. Another department where I not really like to go for. The moment I been there is not that worse and it better than in Uni, CKO class. there does not have scolding. the people there were nice and I quite enjoyed when I was there. Sometime I found it a bit boring and tough but I still can enjoyed it because the poeple there were friendly. My last department is F&B. At the beginning I felt not enjoy much there because I felt the people there is discriminate trainee. For me, I just don bother much. But in that restaurant I met one friend where I treat her like my sis and she from JB as well. It was so coincidence. In that department also happened something that I really cannot believe and heart broken. I found out my best friend who friend with me since my orientation where I really cherish her as my close friend. I found out she lie to me to get her attention and I felt being used by her. I hate people lying me and she knew it also. I felt I like a fool like that being used and cheat by her word. I really felt heart broken. That time I really not in the mood. Every time see her I thought of myself like a fool and thought of should I believe what she said. End up, I just let it be and I really need time to recover back my friendship with her and it cant be close as before. Anyway, just let it be. My training in F&B was nice after that. Thorough this 5 month training, I really enjoyed it and does not want to be end and really happy. It was a really AWESOME & WONDERFUL training ever for me. I really enjoyed myself. Lucky, the training moment still keep in my mind for me to fresh back.

After that, I started my last sem, SEM 7. Wuhoo, time flies so fast. I know it's the time I have to leave my friend and move to next stage of my life. Just like before I left primary and move to secondary. From secondary move to Uni. This situation it's kind of sad. But life it like that, we have to move on in our life. In life, every stage has its own story. From the story, we started to grow more different way. In this Sem, I really felt tough and I still can manage to cope it. Maybe this sem is the stage for us prepare to move to degree. The thing I worried the most is final exam. I really hope I can pass all sub successfully. but before final it is my cousin wedding and I have to go back. Anyway, I must study hard for final.
Good Luck Magdeline! I can do it ....

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