Monday, January 11, 2010

Sem 2 life START...

Finally i back to KL again...
this time i will start my sem 2 life..
this sem we gonna suffer...because of it is short sem...
lucky every monday i have holiday..
gonna start busy soon..
but i will not forgot date with him..hehe..
yesterday went to play badminton with him and his family...
this is i first time to meet his grandmother, sis, bro even his parent for a while..
for me i felt very shy ...this is normal attitude..
i admited that i am easy to get shy in certain situation and this is 1 of the situation..
i am trying to overcome this might be influence my future job performance..
anyway nice to meet his parent..i don know why i will afraid meet his parent..
btw maybe first time...
I want FIGHT for this sem!!
I want success in anything i would like to do!!
From last time i work hard until now i cannot so easy get off it~
although last time my result do not reached my expectation but i can FIGHT for now!!
Gambateh Magdeline!!I CAN DO IT! YEAH!!

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