Saturday, August 8, 2009


So long not update my blog friend always ask me update la.hi chareessa,i update le..don said i am not updating ah~haha...Just now suddenly felt boring...hope that can chat with friend...suddenly you said hello to me..i really frightened la....last time you seem like ignore me...but then now you suddenly find me.I really shock of it.anyway thx for finding me.i hope next time we can be like that.
finally we said about last time that problem le...why you scare lost face?why you worry about i?
we are no more couple...why you care about that i am going out with friend(boy)?i don know la...
actually why you ask me that question?got feeling ??i really don know la...well..i really happy that we can be friend again...when chat with you, i was thinking that am i really forget you?i am very confusing.....anyway...i don bother this le....see first la...
haha....really is miracle..haha...
next wed going KL le...finally wanna starting study le...haiz..half of the year gone..well..
is ok least i can gain some experience and pocket money..can know how is the working feeling...sometime my mother was saying that "why don want study sunway jb?study so home more better staying outside"..sometime i was thinking that whether i make a right decision..then i told myself maybe it was correct..i will grow up one day and that time i must learn to be independent,so why don now learn to be independent...i know you worry me..but i will take care myself..just don worry..everything will fine...


Chareessa said...

Wei Mag, I become famous already la..
no need to mention my name la..
haiyoyo..naughty girl!!!
Don't be offended if I say that he's sort of harassing you..
rather scary lor..
urm..really glad that you are coming over.
I think you've made a right decision coz a decision can be only right when your heart agrees to it..
As for your mum she just can't bear you to go lorr...
you stayed with her for 18 years already...
hope to chat more when you arrive next week.
Will find some ways to meet up with you!!!

Magdeline said... ok la...become famous more better la..
why you said like that le??haha..don worry la..i will get angry one..
haha..i hope a make a right decision la..haha..
if free then we meet la..haha

Chareessa said...

becoming famous aint anything nice my you want me to promo you on my blog???hahaha..
will tell you when i next see you..
sure got time de..
you just start your course ma..
as for me, i will find time de..

Magdeline said...

haha...i know~ need promo la~haha.. problem~