Thursday, October 15, 2009

2 month~

OMG, i came KL study already 2 month already~
so fast man....
haiz..sem 1 going end too~
time past very fast la..
we really didnt realise we already here for 2 month..
just see the date only think about it...
busy for do assignment, research, and even busy schooling make us didnt realise~
nowadays, really tired enough sleep la..
assignment one by one coming...
must management my time properly la..
if not really make me extremely tired~
write until here~


Chareessa said...

alitime indeed flies.
my sem 2 almost ending and finals coming.. soon i will get into uni liao..

Magdeline said...

haha...very fast lo~good luck le..
what get into uni??

Chareessa said...

I will go into uni like in 5 months time. Ain't that fast?