Friday, May 15, 2009

Last Gathering~

Yesterday, we had a gathering for Hao Qiang last 2 days before going KL.We gather at moonlight cafe,it was a nice place.hmm...that time we had a lot of fun, we laugh non-stop with some funny topic lo...very high and gonna be crazy long don have this kind feeling already.hope can always have it..really make all of us happy and fantastic....some of worker there always look at us because of our noisy la..haha...that time i really enjoy it..we also promise that every year 1 May must gather together and gather at least 2 or 3 time.I will remember this promise and all of you must remember too..must fulfil it..i will appreciate our relationship forever~unconsciously,our relationship getting closer and out of my expectation,it really good than before.i very happy i have such a good friends like you all and friends at working place there.before going back we took some photo for memory~


Chareessa said...

thats like so cool la..too bad ii'm not there

Magdeline said...

haha...fantastic~really miss la...haiz..