Thursday, December 18, 2008


Twilight this movie very nice lo!haha..quite romantic la!i watched this movie when i had a trip with friend to Melacca la!i love this movie le!haha...the boy,Robert Pattinson very handsome la!but not the boy make me love this movie la!haha..the story of this movie attract me le!haha...a nice story la!when i watched it i think of need said la!haha...nowaday at home only lo...haiya i haven take my undang exam lo!haha...maybe this week i going lo..but i hope can get license as fast as possible lo...!


Chareessa @ Sweetie said...

good luck!!!!!!!!

ApHRodiTe~~NingX said...

erm....y u always "la!"?
hope u good luck also o~~~~


Magdeline said...

Haha...normal already!